Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the most efficient water purification technology. It is suggested as a method for areas with non-potable water (due to excess in salts, heavy metals, carcinogens, arsenic etc.)

Multi-level reverse osmosis removes:

Dirt, sand, sediment, sludge, rust, chlorine and its derivatives, heavy metals, pesticides, organic compounds, microorganisms, nitrate and nitrite, bad taste or odors.

Water softening

Water in Greece is often rich in calcium and magnesium, being classified as «hard» and presenting very common problems (i.e. scaling). The solution to this problem lies in water softeners that use ion-exchange resins.

Water softeners are reliable, easy to install and the maintenance requirements are low-cost.

Soft water: Prevents salt crystallization and keeps the facilities in good condition. Ensures high performance and extends the equipment’s lifecycle.

It reduces energy consumption and saves money spent on detergents and other cleaning products that are harmful to the environment.

Facilitates cleaning and prevents the formation of salt crystallization that is hard to remove.

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We would like to thank ECO//SUN for the installation of 5 PV systems of 100 kw total power. During the construction period, the company’s personnel demonstrated a high level of professionalism, managing to complete the project within the time frame and offering top quality products and services

Papalos Konstantinos
, Municipality of Karditsa

ECO//SUN, with its expertise, was a major contributor to the installation of a photovoltaic system on the island of Rhodes for families dealing with financial hardships, following a crowdfunding campaign with the support of 16 students.

, Greenpeace

We strongly recommend ECO//SUN as, during our cooperation period, they have demonstrated a high level of professionalism, caring for the uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of the PV power station of 5kWp, as well as the reduction of environmental pollutants, whilst ensuring optimal energy efficiency.

Kontonikolaou Athanasios
, Noesis

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