Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a device that can cool or heat the interior of a building by exploiting the difference in temperature between the environment and the interior.

The most important part, as far as the cost-effectiveness is concerned, is that, in combination with stand-alone photovoltaic systems (net metering – energy compensation), heat pumps can eliminate the power cost!

According to a study conducted by the National Technical University of Athens, heat pumps can be more cost-effective as follows:

33% than pellets, 44% than fireplaces, 38-45% than gas, 61% than heating oil and 71% than electric boilers.

Moreover, heat pumps are eco-friendly as, in contrast to the rest of the heating sources (fireplaces, stoves, wood-pellet boilers) they do not produce smog, which could be harmful to people’s health and enviroment.

It has to be noted that heat pumps can be installed both in new and older buildings. In each case, a thorough study has to be conducted in order to find the most efficient option to cover the consumer’s needs.


Why should I choose a heat pump system?

– High efficiency, with COP level ranging from 3 to 6,5

– Economy

– Easy to operate

– Limited space  needs

– Can be combined with an existing radiator system

– Offers the ability to use hybrid assistance systems, i.e. solar systems, energy-efficient fireplace.

– Low maintenance

– Clean operation

– Does not produce exhaust gas

Overall, it is an easy to install system and an eco-friendly investment that pays off.

What should the consumer notice when selecting a heat pump

– That it is a monobloc (just like in large units) and not a split one (like air conditioners)

– That it does not have an inverter which, contrary to the air conditioners, leads to higher consumption than the pump itself

– That the water temperature is higher than 60°C

– That it is COP certified by an independent certified laboratory and does not just include a statement or a brochure conducted by the manufacturer.

– That it is provided by a company that offers full technical assistance (installation, equipment service, spare parts) and not by department stores or independent traders, as the installation process is similar to the one of a boiler and requires special skills.

– That a written warranty of the final product is provided.

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Papalos Konstantinos
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