Frequently Asked Questions

What is a photovoltaic power system?

Photovoltaic (PV) power systems are a method for generating electric power using solar cells and constitute a popular way to benefit from renewable energy sources. It is a very interesting field for a sunny country like Greece.

What are hybrid power systems?

It is a dynamic power system that uses more than one method for power generation in order to meet energy needs. Usually,energy sources (mainly local and renewable) like wind turbines, small hydro, hydro power and biomass, are being used in combination with photovoltaic power systems.

How can have solar energy for free?

The amount of energy coming from the sun is 15.000 times bigger than the one consumed on Earth every year. This energy is emitted from the sun in the form of small particles, called photons. Photons comprise sunlight and travel at a speed of 380.000km/sec.When a photovoltaic power system is exposed to the sun, it collects photons and converts them into free electric power.

Can I use photovoltaic systems to warm up my residence?

Since electric power is generated using solar energy, it can provide free home heating.

What are the benefits of the photovoltaic systems for the environment?

They do not pollute, they do not leave waste and are made of eco-friendly materials.

What is a stand-alone photovoltaic system?

Stand-alone photovoltaic systems power facilities that are not connected to the grid. They also protect from possible power outages and diminish power consumption costs in households or business that no longer use the old-fashioned way to have access to electric power.

How soon will I receive the products, once the order is placed?

ECO//SUN will complete and deliver  your order within a few days.

Can I assemble the equipment by myself?

Some products are accompanied by an instructions manual and therefore the client can assemble and install the equipment.

In case I deal with a problem during the installation process, is there a technical assistance department?

ECOSUN’s after sales service program is one of the best in Greece. However, it is unlikely that you will need assistance as, ECOSUN systems hardly ever present a problem.

Which are the energy needs that a PV system can cover?

The first thing that someone should know about photovoltaics is that they produce direct current. This means that they can either be used to power direct current appliances or we can convert direct current to alternating 230V current (same as the one provided by P.P.E.) using specific devices. Photovoltaics can be used in lighting, telecommunications, cooling, heating, sound coverage. Basically, any kind of energy need can be covered, as long as there is a specifically designed photovoltaic system.

Can I install a photovoltaic system in my country/summer house?

Photovoltaic systems are not a suitable solution for a second residence, especially a summer house, but they are the only one, as they provide free power and the owners do not have to pay fixed fees for an entire year in order to have electricity in their summer houses for the short period of time they will send there.

What is net metering?

It is an energy clearing mechanism based on the difference between the produced and consumed energy and is applied in photovoltaic systems. Net metering allows the consumers to cover a big part of the energy they consume, whilst giving them the opportunity to use the grid in order to save the renewable energy produced by their system. The term “net” comes from the billing mechanism that is based on the difference between the produced and consumed energy within a specific period of time, which is a billing cycle for the consumed energy. If there is an energy surplus, it is saved and is offset for a period of time until the final clearance, which means, according to the latest ministerial decision, for 12 months.

Do you undertake the research and design of energy systems?

ECO//SUN is a certified research, design and manufacturing company that has developed specialized departments and is considered as apioneer in the field of energy systems.

Is it possible to apply for an NSRF subsidy?

The revision of the Regulation on the Energy Performance on Buildings that is expected to be applied this summer, a new “Savings at home” program is about to be launched in order to provide incentives for beneficiaries to make their houses energy-efficient by modernizing heating systems, insulating the building and replacing the joinery.
The completion of the revision of the Regulation, at least as far as the households part is concerned, a new program on energy-efficient households of 500 million euros will be launched. The new program, according to RIS members, will be less beaurocratic and is designed in a way that all necessary documents (which will be less than they used to be) can be submitted online and the aid offered (loans and grants) will depend on the household income and the budget of the necessary work.

Are there any retail points outside of Thessaloniki for anyone wishing to buy your products?

ECO//SUN has a partnership network of 300 members throughout Greece, as well as an online shop that you can visit.